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Nancy Ananda Stevenson, MS, L.Ac

Ananda Stevenson, MS, L.Ac.Nancy Ananda Stevenson has more than twenty years of service in North County as a dedicated Acupuncturist and guide to health. A member of a long lineage, under her master teachers from China and Taiwan. She has a Masters of Science Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from San Diego’s prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She is board certified in the state of California.

In her years of private practice, Ananda has developed a gentle effective way to energise, and support the wellbeing of her patients during their healing process.  Her program is tailored to the needs of the individual to restore health in body, mind, and spirit. The program starts with acupuncture, a practice with a 3,000 year or longer history of healing to correct internal imbalances and restore the proper flow of energy. Acupuncture treatments activate the body’s own innate ability to heal thyself. Under her care, she will sometimes touch areas that hurt with a type of massage called kiatsu (gentle shiatsu) to unwind the stress and tension. When a patient has a chronic condition sometimes more is required to restore their health, and in looking deeper she will order lab work to reveal upstream issues, and then work to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit with herbal and nutritional functional medicine. The products she uses have been completely tested for heavy metals and contaminents with the strictest regard. This is mostly not done in health food stores.  She recommends only the finest professional products from companies like metagenics, neuro-science, and evergreen. Ananda is a spokesperson and celebrity acupuncturist who works with other therapists and doctors in the community as an integrative medical professional.

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