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Resolved various conditions

Nancy Ananda Stevenson, L.Ac, is a highly trained health practitioner with extensive experience in acupuncture and other healing methodologies. She has facilitated improvements at different times and helped to rejuvenate my health system. She will focus on various aspects of different issues and address them as they appear.

From my first treatment in 2009 until the present, her treatments have corrected and resolved various conditions for me: some related to digestion and infection, others to circulation, inflammation reduction, and pain relief. Her accurate diagnoses of current symptoms, combined with skillful application of treatments, have empowered my body’s innate ability and resonance toward full health and functionality.

Ms. Stevenson applies her knowledge, intuition, insight, and experience to provide optimal care. She can address minor to serious health issues and offers various functionalities to restore physical, emotional, and mental capacity for greater wellness.

Consider a consultation with Nancy Ananda Stevenson whenever you feel less than wonderful!

G. J. Jorgensen

May 6, 2014

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