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Acupuncture as an Art and Science

I believe that the art and science of acupuncture and/or acupressure is a valuable health tool. My wife and I first became acquainted with acupuncture when our neighbor, a semi-retired pediatrician and a former head of an American Military Hospital Pediatrics Department in Germany applied it in the rehabilitation of our son who had become a non-verbal quadriplegic the night before he was to start college as a result of an auto accident in which he was a passenger.

Our close family friend and  neighbor had at one time in her career worked with children in a San Francisco hospital who had become paralyzed from polio using among many other tools, acupuncture and acupressure with excellent results and successfully applied them in helping our son in his rehabilitation.

In addition, as a result of his accident, among many other things,  our son suffered serious damage to his brain, broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken leg that had to have a steel rod inserted in it in lieu of setting it to heal which after about a year had become infected with the need to amputate it if we could not get the one physician in the greater Sacramento area belleved to have the skills to save his leg instead of amputating it. He was a physiatrist who was the Chief of Occupational Medicine and Rehabilitation for a hospital in the greater Sacramento area (and coincidentally, unknown to both him and  to us at first, a he was also a former associate of my wife’s brother who was the head of OB GYN of a Vallejo hospital).

We were told by his receptionist that she doubted he could see out son as he was preparing to leave his office to catch a plane as soon as he had seen his last patient to leave for a long delayed vacation. Much to our surprise and delight  he called us back and said he would come to our home later in the evening to examine our son to see if he could save his leg. He canceled his vacation and  did both using,among other forms of treatment, acupuncture on his many visits to our home to help our son.

After moving from northern California to the San Diego area following my retirement our daughter suggested that my wife and I should start seeing Nancy Ananda Stevenson who was a licensed acupuncturist she had been treating her for some time.  My wife is a nine time cancer survivor and a hospice patient.   I was just getting older and in need of help for  some specific needs relating to aging, We have now been seeing Ananda for about eight years and feel she has been a great help to both of us.

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